A reliable way of transportation

One part of the chain that makes it possible to do the job is the Back Office. Without a proper administration it is impossible to run a company! But it has to be supporting to the other processes in transportation; it is not our main business. So we made some efforts to organize this part of our organisation in a professional way. Our employees handle the documents accurately and with sophisticated procedures. The support of a good Back Office also contributed to our growth.

An administration has to be accurate, in time and supporting. But in the same time it has a function as a "watch over" in signaling the working process. With us it is also a service department to our customers and our suppliers. The administrative staff is ready to answer your questions or to connect you with the person who can help you in the best way. 

It`s not enough to write it down; it needs to be taken care of. And that`s what they do.